Andy & Scott

Hey there. We’re Andy and Scott. After being together a decade, we are so excited to grow our family. Whether we are searching our Brooklyn neighborhood for the best pizza or planning a fun trip, we keep one eye on enjoying today and the other on planning our future. We were both raised in close families and maintain strong relationships with our parents and siblings. In fact for much of 2020, we quarantined with Scott’s brother, sister-in-law, and our two year old nephew and loved every minute of it. Our close friends describe us as warm, caring, dependable, and full of enthusiasm. Adoption has always been our planned route to creating a family. We want our child to have an understanding of his or her birth roots. So if you’re open to it, we’d love for you to have an ongoing presence in whatever way works for your life. We do understand that these ebb and flow over time and we are prepared to navigate that with our future birth family.

About Andy

Job Description
Andy works in advertising helping brands reach their customers.

Board games, foreign languages (Spanish, Chinese, and French), and exercising

Fun Fact
I’ve been a contestant on two game shows — Who Wants to be a Millionaire and $100,000 Pyramid.

About Scott

Job Description
Scott is an attorney who works in real estate helping tenants and landlords.

Reading, Trivia, and Traveling

Fun Fact
I can walk on my hands!

Our Lives

We have a loving, trusting, committed partnership which is at the center of our lives. Whether it’s house work, planning fun, or planning for the future, we both make a goal, figure out a strategy to achieve it, and stay accountable. We live and spend most of our time in Brooklyn, New York where we are fortunate to have a number of friends and family nearby.  Since many of them have grown families of their own, we’re able to spend a lot of time with babies and children. This makes us near professionals at changing diapers, reading bedtime stories, and getting giggles from our new tiny pals. We are both family-oriented, caring and value stability.

Our Family

Andy has one sister, Julie, who we are extremely close with. Julie officiated our wedding and Andy officiated Julie’s wedding to her husband Josh. Julie and Josh live in Los Angeles and we see them as much as possible, especially now that they have a new daughter, Evie. She’s such a cutie and we take uncle duty very seriously!  Andy’s parents are wonderful and supportive. They’re East Coasters, but ever since Evie was born, they spend a lot of time in Los Angeles being adoring grandparents. They plan to split their time between Los Angeles and New York when we have kids. 

Scott has an older brother, Michael, and a younger sister, Carolyn. Scott and his two siblings have been extremely close since they were children. Michael, his wife, Karin, their sons, Benjamin and Leo, and their dog, Zissou, live on Long Island, and Carolyn lives in Brooklyn. We all get together with Scott’s Jersey-based parents at least monthly.

Final Thoughts

“We are thrilled at the thought of becoming fathers which has been a life-long dream for both of us and we are honored and humbled by your consideration.”

– Andy & Scott

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].