Barbara & Wayne

Wayne and Barbara Newman met in 1999 while attending college in Jamaica, West Indies. After getting to know each other better, we then got married in 2001 and our relationship became even more tight knitted when Barbara migrated to the United States of America, and Wayne remained in Jamaica. Thereafter, Barbara would visit Wayne twice per year in Jamaica before he finally joined her in the United States in January of 2008.

Equally important, from early in our relationship we knew we wanted to have children which we would nurture in a safe environment, and share our lives so they too can pursue their own dreams, and be successful despite the challenges of life.

However, since we were not able to be biological parents, we decided to become parents by way of adoption and we are very excited about the prospects and our home is located in Queens, NY and we have been living here for the past nine years.

About Barbara

Job Description

Reading and listening to music

Fun Fact
I enjoy watching a good game of cricket.

About Wayne

Job Description

Watching NATGEO and history documentaries, sports (boxing and wrestling, lawn tennis & football), gardening and exercising.

Fun Fact
I will have “Junior’s Cheesecake” for dinner every night without even a second thought.

Our Life

After completing a crazy week at work, we look forward to a weekend of relaxation and fun. Also, this usually starts with a movie Friday night and take out dinner.  Further, in the summer time or when the weather is nice, we do cooking and barbecuing in the backyard on Saturdays. Additionally, we will visit our friends and or other attractions. Then on Sundays we go to church and take the rest of the day to relax after dinner. 

Besides that, each year we take time off for vacation and travel overseas to visit our families and friends, and go to the beach, sightseeing, feasting on our traditional dishes and fruits, or travel to a new destination, enjoy its scenery, learn about the culture, historic sites and take a lot of photos.

Our Family

Wayne and Barbara have been married for the past nineteen years. Barbara is from a close knitted family of three brothers and one sister. She also has ten nieces and one nephew. We now live in different countries but we try to see each other at least once per year. Birthdays and anniversaries are milestones that we love to celebrate and each year we go somewhere different to celebrate.

Wayne is from a small family of five sisters and he does have a lot of nieces, nephews and cousins, and tries to maintain close contact with them despite geological distance and whenever visiting for holidays or simple wishing happy birthday.

Final Thoughts

“We do hope that the foregoing information will help you in deciding to let us become the adoptive parents for your child. Moreover, we know that this is not an easy decision but you want the best for your child.

That being said, we would be delighted and honored if you were to choose us for your child’s family and we look forward in meeting you.”

– Barbara & Wayne

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