Bill & Joanie

Hi! We’re Joanie, Bill, and Naz (and our dog Oreo) from Brooklyn. We are excited for the chance to welcome another baby into our family, and Naz is especially looking forward to being a big brother. Joanie and Bill originally met online through a mutual friend during their first semester of college, when she lived in New York and he lived in Illinois. We were long-distance friends for a couple of years until Bill decided to visit Joanie in New York during the summer of 2003. The connection was immediate, and we began dating soon after.

We married in 2007, Bill moved to New York, and we have been building our lives together ever since. In 2015, our son Naz joined our family through adoption, and our lives changed forever. Now 6 years old, Naz is a sweet, smart, funny, caring and independent kid, and he amazes us every day. We love being parents, and we love getting to visit children’s museums, doing crafts, cooking and baking, making music together, and traveling together as a family.

About Joanie

Job Description
Procurement Manager for a Government Agency

Curling Up With a Good Book, Hearing Corny Jokes, Singing, Playing Ukelele, Volunteering

Fun Fact
Joanie speaks Welsh (the language spoken in Wales and in the UK) pretty well. She learned it from a podcast!

About Bill

Job Description
Customer Service Manager for a Well-Known, New York-Famous Butcher Shop

Listening to Music, Singing, Taking Walks, Playing Board Games

Fun Fact
In the year 2000 I took a cross-country trip in an RV with my family to spend Fourth of July at Mount Rushmore.

About Nazair

Job Description
First Grader

Playing baseball, reading, watching baseball, playing video games, even more baseball, riding his bike or scooter, and talking about Pokémon (and baseball).

Our Lives

During the week we have work and school, and Naz also has a few weeknight activities like swimming lessons and baseball (during the Spring/Summer). We always make time to have dinner together, and usually take time to share how our days went. We end every night with stories and songs at bedtime. On the weekends, we’re usually busy with activities. We like to go to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, story and song hours at the Brooklyn Public Library, play dates with our friends, and other outdoor activities including baseball games at the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Our Family

Nazair has a lot of grandparents and family. We see Joanie’s dad, Matt, the Naz has a lot of grandparents and family. We see Joanie’s dad, Matt, the most since he lives close to us in Brooklyn. He is a huge support to us in our day-to-day lives, and he has been babysitting Naz since Naz joined our family. Naz and Grandpa Matt are best friends, and their relationship is very special. Naz also has weekly Facetime calls to share news, sing songs, and talk about baking adventures with Grandma Shelley and PopPop, Bill’s mom and step-father who live in Chicago. Gran and Grandpa Rob, Joanie’s mom and step-father, live in the country in Pennsylvania and Naz loves to spend time playing in their garden or chasing around their big dog Marnie whenever we visit. Kristine, Joanie’s sister, lives nearby in New Jersey, and we meet up sometimes for lunch or dinner on the weekends. Grandpa Dutch, Naz’s great-grandfather, lives in Florida. Naz has Facetime calls with him a few times a week and visits about once every year.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate the time you took to learn more about us. All three of us are really excited to grow our family, and we have a lot of love and attention to share. We know that for you, deciding whether or not to parent is a difficult and complicated decision. We want you to know that if you move forward with an adoption plan and choose our family, your baby will be well-loved and cared for, and that we are committed to maintaining open contact if you are comfortable with it. Thank you for considering us.

Joanie & Bill

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