Daniel & Vidur

Hello, we are Dan and Vidur. We met in Chicago at a neighborhood cafe in 2005, got married on the city’s beautiful lakefront in 2014, and are excited to start our family through open adoption. We are a committed and loving multi-racial and multilingual couple who wants to give our child every opportunity that life has to offer. We live in the diverse neighborhood of Lower East Side, Manhattan and love being part of this vibrant community. We have a great group of friends and enjoy close relationships with our parents, siblings, and extended families who we visit often. We can’t wait to meet you and create a warm and loving forever family for your child!

About Dan

Job Description
Attorney at a Commercial Litigation Firm

Reading Novels and Poetry Theater (Drama and Opera) Listening to Music (Indie Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, and Classical) Visiting Museums and Exhibits

Fun Fact
Dan has a podcast where he discusses fiction with a group of friends. 

About Vidur

Job Description
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy for a Beauty Products company

Theater (Broadway Musicals and Dramas) Cooking and Baking Hiking Running Travel Visiting Museums and Exhibits.

Fun Fact
Vidur officiated the wedding of one of his closest friends on an island near Portland, Maine.

Our Lives

We love exploring different neighborhoods across New York City, spending time with friends, and enjoying all that the city has to offer – visiting museums (the Whitney, the Met, the Brooklyn Museum), afternoons in different parks, music concerts, Broadway shows and operas. We both love to cook and make dinner each night, a time for us to share our workdays. Vidur also enjoys baking, making treats for our home and friends. We love traveling to experience new countries and cultures, and even as Covid restricted this, we made a few trips to see more of the US – Savannah, Charleston, Puerto Rico. We are physically active and also intellectually curious, educating ourselves about the world. We want to make sure that our child has the best education that we can possibly provide. Though we are both hardworking in our careers, we prioritize time with family and friends, and cherish visits with our nieces and nephew.

Our Family

Dan grew up in Chicago, and his family is Italian (Tuscan) on his mother’s side and Scandinavian on his father’s side. Vidur grew up in Mumbai, India, and his family is from the Punjab region of India. Dan has a brother and sister with their own families, and we love visiting them and our nieces and nephews several times during the year. They call us their “funcles” and gave us t-shirts one Christmas which say that! Dan comes from a close-knit family and the holidays bring a large gathering of uncles, aunts, cousins, and their families. Vidur’s sister also has her own family, and lives in Mumbai. Vidur visits his parents and sister once a year, and Dan has made the trip to Mumbai a few times as well. Our families are a source of joy, laughter, and support in our lives. They are overjoyed with anticipation of us starting our own family and can’t wait to meet the baby.

Final Thoughts

We are excited to start a family and would be honored to be chosen by you. We very much look forward to getting to know you better.

– Daniel & Vidur

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]