Ed & Mike

We’re a fun-loving couple who have been together for ten years and live in Harlem in New York City with our old cat, Olivia. Ed is obsessed with reading and Mike is obsessed with cooking. We love living in New York City and going to museums, trying new restaurants in every borough, and seeing movies and theater. We are passionate about surrounding ourselves with diverse people and cultures as often as possible, and spending quality time with family and friends. We love to have a good time and laugh, and humor is a critical part of our family dynamic. We are very close to our family and friends and feel lucky to be supported and loved. We truly look forward to making sure our child grows up feeling the same way.

About Mike

Job Description
Account Executive in Sales

Cooking, Watching, Food Shows, Watching Movies, Traveling, and Hanging Out With Friends & Family

Fun Fact
Mike is a history buff and is an exceptional chef!

About Ed

Job Description
Head of Marketing for a Media Company

Reading, Writing, Watching Movies and Great TV, Traveling, Listening to Music, and Hanging out with Friends and Family

Fun Fact
Ed’s youngest brother was adopted and it is a very important facet of his family already.

Our Life

We love to spend time together at home. We enjoy spending whole days cooking meals, chatting, and watching movies at night. We also love to have fun, and dancing and laughing is a mandatory part of our routine. As a couple, we definitely love trying new foods, being exposed to all cultures and staying active through sports and exercise. We both love to run, and Ed has run the NYC marathon twice. We hope to spend long days in the park with our child, hanging out with friends and family. We also hope to see the world as a family. We are extremely grateful people and feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family and friend support system already and can’t wait to share our circle with our child. It is very important to us to have open and active communication and to seize the day as often as we can. We will be taking this philosophy into our parenting too and will always encourage honesty and an ongoing dialogue with our child.

Our Family

Ed is close with his mom, and two younger brothers and their wives. Mike is also close with his two sisters and brothers-in-law, four nieces and nephews, and his parents. Mike’s sister and cousin live nearby, so our child will have two cousins to grow up with. We also go to the beach as a family every year and love being uncles. We are extremely close to our parents and siblings but also have a number of cousins who are actively in their lives, as well as a wonderful set of aunts and uncles. What makes our family special is our unconditional love and acceptance, and willingness to keep our minds open and stay curious.

Final Thoughts

Please know that we will make it our life’s mission to care for our child and expose them to as much of the world as possible. We also promise to always lead with unconditional love, acceptance, and support – and to keep life as laugh-filled as possible.

-Ed & Mike

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