Eric & Justin

Hello and welcome! We’re two married pianists working on Broadway who’ve always felt called to grow our family through adoption. As a deeply committed multiracial couple, our values of love, family and education have guided us on this journey. We first smiled at each other at a bowling alley one fall evening in NYC and our connection was instant. Together we became a musical husband team who live each day with optimism, gratitude, and a zest for life! We live in Upper Manhattan and have had such fun creating a warm and welcoming home filled with color, music, a little magic, and a lot of whimsy. We’re often singing in our living room or dancing in our kitchen, and our walls are full of family photos, books, mementos, board games and original artwork by Justin’s father. We take pride in our health by cooking with organic and natural foods when we can and stay physically active at the gym. We simply thrive on the vibrancy and diversity of NYC while still always remembering the value of nature and often visit parks, ride bikes, and discover the great outdoors while traveling across the country – usually with coffee in our hand!

About Eric

Job Description
Broadway Pianist, Conductor and Vocal Coach

Organic Cooking, Indoor Plants, Running, Traveling, Word Games, Crosswords

Fun Fact
Eric was once convinced that when he grew up, he’d move to the North Pole and become a Christmas Elf

About Justin


Job Description
Broadway Pianist, Music Director and Conductor

Healthy Baking, Vinyl Records, Weight Training, Reading, Film Scores, Sudoku, Podcasts

Fun Fact
Justin has performed in almost every state in America (only Alaska, Maine and South Dakota left to go!)

Our Life

Our daily lives are full of wonderful music and creative energy, so we make sure to balance it out with quality time spent at home. We love trying new Instant Pot recipes, getting creative with homemade pizza, or whipping up wacky desserts. We enjoy sharing childhood movies and TV shows with each other, and vinyl records are often playing in our living room as we do chores around the house. Our home also has a growing collection of potted plants in just about every room. At night we make sure to eat meals together where we always say out loud the things that we’re grateful for before we take our first bite. Before bedtime, we tackle crossword puzzles or sometimes read books aloud together as we wind down. And we say ‘I love you’ often and always, something we will be saying to our children every single day as well.

Our Family

We’re beyond lucky to have the most incredible and supportive families! Justin’s folks and extended family live in El Paso, Texas, where Justin spent many summers as a kid. Visiting Texas means big family dinners, exciting game nights and so much laughter. Eric’s parents live in Central Illinois where he grew up, and his big brother Dave – who now lovingly calls Justin his ‘other brother’ – also lives in Illinois with his wife and three kids. Those three kiddos, our two nephews and niece, are absolute lights in our lives! We travel to Illinois several times a year to cheer them on at their baseball games, watch their hip-hop recitals, or play a round of backyard ball tag since we’re just big kids at heart. Our children will grow up as members of these fun, generous, and thoughtful families -they just can’t wait to welcome (and spoil!) new young ones!

Final Thoughts

“Many thanks for considering us as your adoptive couple. As prospective parents, we want you to know that your child will be nurtured, cherished, supported and unconditionally loved. They’ll grow up surrounded by family, friends, music, laughter and countless bedtime stories. They’ll be given extraordinary opportunities to succeed and encouragement to keep learning and exploring towards a bright future. But most of all, we’ll make them smile every single day of their lives. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have for us! Thanks again.”

-Eric & Justin

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]