Eve & Ryan

We’re Eve and Ryan! In 2006, Eve was completing a Masters program in Fiction at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign, when she met Ryan while looking for an apartment. He was designing/building the apartment she was interested in, and well, it was love at first sight–fireworks, hearts. They moved back to Eve’s hometown, New York City, after she graduated and started a life together. Ryan pursued a career in design and Eve wrote stories, which led her to want to teach about literature. Their creative spirits have nourished their relationship and home, a space filled with much of the furniture Ryan has made and their dog, Billy’s, toys, and hundreds of Eve’s books. Ryan and Eve value education and want to share their love of reading, of creating with their child.

About Eve

Job Description
English Literature Professor

Reading, Writing Fiction, Yoga, Biking

Fun Fact
Eve loves to read. For her doctorate, she read 50 books in one summer – and it was fun!

About Ryan

Job Description
Designer and Associate Manager

Making furniture, jewelry design, photography

Fun Fact
Ryan builds and designs houses. He has built four houses – one for his brother and family!

Our Lives

We love the coast and spend nights after dinner taking walks along Brooklyn’s waterfront. We live on the waterfront, literally within a park, surrounded by trees, several children’s playgrounds, a carousel, and a soccer field. We try to enjoy and appreciate what we have in our community. Most nights, we take our energetic dog, Billy, on an exploration of the waterfront, while Ryan takes night photographs. We spend our breaks traveling to the Pacific Northwest where Ryan’s family lives, and Cape Cod, which has an artist/writer community. At home and when we are away, Ryan is the primary cook because he loves cooking. Eve loves baking anything sweet. She is especially good at baking pies. We love international films and eating dessert while watching a movie. We are always trying to find small pleasures in life.

Our Family

We center our family and close friendships. Eve is very close to her sister, Robin, who lives in New York. She has dinner with us several times a week and babysits our dog, Billy. Robin is Billy’s official, “godmother” and will be our child’s godmother, too. Ryan’s parents, brother and sister, nephews and uncle all live in the Pacific Northwest, and we visit them twice a year. Our close friends in New York are filled with enormous joy like our families that cannot wait to welcome our child into the world.

Final Thoughts

We are overwhelmed with joy when imagining our baby living/sharing his/her life with us, and with you. We hope you can feel that excitement in our words and pictures.

-Eve & Ryan

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