Evonne & Kent

Hello! We are Evonne and Kent and we have always wanted to welcome a child into our world to share all of our love, values and passions. We met in 2013 and live with our dog, Cyan, in a comfortable and spacious apartment in Queens. We both prioritize family, arts, culture, food and making each other laugh hysterically every day. 

Both of us are very creative and there’s always a new craft project or a new song floating around the house. We’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and we look forward to sharing our experiences and perspectives from everything we’ve learned. We also love visiting museums, hiking with Cyan and cooking for family and friends. We still explore all the different foods New York City has to offer, but also use our kitchen as a laboratory for new recipes! 

We have very close ties to our family and everyone has been eager to support us in our journey in raising a child. While we’ve been blessed to live an incredible life together, we are excited to become parents and provide a home full of love, food, laughter, arts and homemade Halloween costumes! 

About Evonne

Job Description
Fashion Accessories Designer

Travel, visiting art museums, baking, trying new foods, making crafts, flower arranging, yoga, cardio kickboxing and making Halloween costumes for Kent & Cyan!

Fun Fact
Sometimes I see people on the street wearing my accessories designs! I also enjoy taking classes in floral arranging and cooking. 

About Kent

Job Description
Director of Product Management at a video streaming company

Music (guitar player for a blues/rock band), cartooning, cooking, travel, photography, basketball & volunteering

Fun Fact
I have made my own Halloween costumes from scratch for the past 12 years, and Evonne has joined the fun since we’ve been together. I’m also independently working on a children’s animated series, writing and hand drawing every frame. 

Our Lives

Our home can be best characterized as fun, relaxed, artistic and supportive.  We enjoy cooking together, taking our dog to the nearby parks and exploring art, music and movies. We also take great joy in family gatherings, sharing a meal with friends, exercise and traveling. We hope to continue all of these activities with the child who joins our family. As a musician and cartoonist, Kent is looking forward to making music and drawing together with our child. Evonne hopes to instill a passion for crafts, baking and a well designed fashion accessory! From the child’s infancy, we hope to read bedtime stories, explore cultures and create art projects around the house to encourage growth and learning. We will take advantage of all the diversity and activities our neighborhood has to offer while also taking family trips across the country and beyond. 

Our Family

We are both very close with our immediate families (Evonne with her mom, Kent with his mom and three older siblings). Both of our fathers have passed away, but we keep their memories and traditions alive in everything we do. We have always cherished family gatherings, celebrations of our culture and spending holidays together. Kent’s middle sister lives a few blocks away and his older brother lives in New Jersey – both are excited to help with childcare.  Kent’s oldest sister lives in Northern California and Evonne’s mom lives in St Louis, Missouri. We certainly have plans to travel to both areas for frequent visits. We also have a large extended family nearby which includes aunts, uncles and cousins who will help provide support and comfort. Our future child will have fifteen young nieces and nephews to play with!  

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We understand this is a difficult decision for you and we are grateful for your time. As adoptive parents, we promise to provide a safe, stable, loving and happy home for our future child. He or she will be given the opportunity to succeed in life, be a generous, compassionate human who has a fine appreciation for culture, and be unconditionally loved. ”

– Evonne and Kent

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]