Hello, I’m Hannah! I have been single woman living happily in New York for over 15 years. I am ready to grow my family through adoption. While my family almost exclusively lives in Massachusetts, we are close and see each other regularly. I have a large group of friends in the New York area, as well as around the world. I have loved being a biological and honorary aunt, but I am ready to become a mom to my own child.

About Hannah

Job Description
Administrative Assistant

Attending Theater, Sewing and Cross Stitch, Playing Trivia

Fun Fact
I host a comedy podcast with a friend about terrible made-for-TV romance movies, like Hallmark.

My Life

I live in a two bedroom apartment in Sunnyside, Queens. The blocks around my apartment are lined with trees, many of which have little fairy doors on them. The building has a pool and the neighborhood is very family-friendly. My cat, Pigeon, is getting older, but still has many more years in him. I anticipate him eventually becoming a snuggle companion to my child. I’m looking forward to seeing my child’s unique personality grow.

I love going to the theater and plan to introduce my child to the magic when they’re still very young while also giving them plenty of room to figure out their own interests so I can join them in the activities that they love. As a vegetarian, I don’t cook meat, but would not pressure a child to stick to a vegetarian diet. As my family is mainly in Massachusetts, we’ll spend most holidays there while also trying to travel all over when able. I want to foster a love of learning through reading, travel and experience.

My Family

A child joining my family would get (at least) two cousins, an aunt, two uncles, and a set of grandparents. They would also join a large, tight-knit extended family filled with honorary “cousins”. We get together for holidays and major life events. We try to have a family Hanukkah party every year (over 40 years running!) that incorporates games, songs, art projects, food, and (because why not) a piñata.

Final Thoughts

“I am looking forward to becoming a mother and building a relationship with you and your family. Thank you.”


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