Jared & Matt

We’re Jared and Matt! We met in 2014 at New York Sports Club in midtown Manhattan. Believe it or not we fell in love at first sight. Our connection was immediate, and we instantly opened up to each other discovering that we had so much in common from each having a brother 3 years older to having played the same sports and having the same tastes in music. We bonded over our love of working out, dancing, traveling, and experiencing new things. Having both grown up in NY we discovered that we both enjoyed the great outdoors from the beaches of NYC to the mountains in the Adirondacks. We have the most amazing pup, Willa who is very excited for our family to get bigger. We love to entertain and often host big dinners with our family and friends. We are so excited to start our family in New York City where all our dreams have come true.

About Jared

Job Description
Executive Assistant at an Investment Management Company

Discovering New Music, Going to Concerts, Hiking, Skiing, Swimming, Traveling

Fun Fact
Jared is the DJ to the soundtrack of our lives. He can also eat an unlimited supply of gummy bears while listening to any and every Britney Spears song.

About Matt

Job Description
Head of Marketing at an Executive Recruitment Company

Running, Cycling, Dancing, Live Music, Outdoor Activities, Traveling

Fun Fact
Matt moonlights as a spin instructor because he loves to entertain and inspire people to be their best selves!

Our Lives

We live in a very diverse and active neighborhood in Astoria, Queens. A day in the life of Matt and Jared, and Willa, would start with an early morning walk to the park to take in some fresh air and get some exercise. If we are not in NYC, we are traveling the world from Colorado to Europe, and as far out as Bali and Singapore. We are constantly planning our next adventure whether it be to our family’s lake house in the Adirondacks, picnics in Central Park or a beach days in Far Rockaway. We like to have a good time and experience new things with our family and friends. We are constantly bringing everyone together, hosting large gatherings, cooking big meals, and shopping at Costco. When we are not on the move we enjoy quiet nights in, scary movies, Real Housewives of “Everywhere” and gummy bears, Haribo only.

Our Family

We have a very diverse international family with relatives in the US and Europe. Our closest family members are our friends in NYC, our chosen family. Jared’s Mom and Stepdad live in Colorado near his brother and sister-in-law and their two kids, Hansi and Ryker. Jared’s brother owns a ranch in Colorado with five goats, three cows and a lot of chickens. Jared’s Dad and Stepmom live in Oegstgeest, Holland with his oma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Matt’s parents live in Massachusetts near his brother, Alan, and his wife, Christine with their two kids, Kai and lndie. Al and Matt work together and own their own business. We are very fortunate to still have our grandparents around, they are the cornerstones of our lives and are very excited to see our family grow.

Final Thoughts

We will show up every day, no matter what regardless of any situation or setback to ensure a loving, caring, fun and trusting environment for our future child. We are honored to be considered during what must be an incredibly difficult and emotional time in your life. We can’t wait to share our lives, home, and family with our child. We would be incredibly honored to be on this wild ride we call life, together.

– Jared & Matt

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