Justin & Emily

Hello! We are Justin and Emily and this is our son Thomas. We met in Brooklyn in 2012, later moved to New Jersey, and married in 2016. Thomas came along in 2018 making us a loving and comfortable family of three. We laugh a lot and make space for each other as individuals. We very much look forward to growing our family through adoption. It has been a part of our hearts since our early conversations of starting a family and cannot wait to make it a reality.

About Emily

Job Description
Part-Time Yoga Teacher and Baker

Read, Practice Yoga, Adventuring with Thomas, Catching Up With Friends

Fun Fact
Emily is a certified yoga instructor and started a baking business with no formal training. She grew up in rural Pennsylvania and Atlanta but has always been a city girl at heart.

About Justin

Job Description
Marine Engineer

Bike Riding, House Renovations, Woodworking, Maritime Life, Traveling, Being a Baked-Goods-Taste-Tester for Emily’s Treats!

Fun Fact
Before settling into his current job Justin worked at a nuclear power plant and on gas tankers in the Gulf of Mexico.

About Thomas

Job Description
Aspiring Stadium Food Vendor and Cement Truck Driver

Helping His Dad Work on House Projects, Baking With His Mom in the Kitchen, Decorating His Own Cupcakes!

Fun Fact
He’s a little comedian and makes us laugh all the time. He’s really into trucks and tools and recently loves to paint his nails!

Our Life

Like a lot of families now, we spend quite a bit of time at home. Justin works from home most days of the week. Thomas goes to preschool in the mornings at a lovely, diverse, play-based school. Emily works part-time teaching yoga and baking for her home-based baking business. The house is always warm and welcoming, smelling great from whatever is baking. Justin will often come downstairs around lunchtime to check in and sneak a few tastes with Thomas. In the afternoons, after school pick up, Thomas and Emily will do some quiet time and then spend the rest of the afternoon playing around the neighborhood (there are a ton of kids!) and getting ready for dinner. The weekends bring some housework as we are continuously updating our century-old home. We take frequent outings to local parks and farms for outdoor adventures. Justin and Emily are both very hands-on throughout the day, working well together with whatever arises and sharing the household loads.

Our Family

Food plays a big part in our lives. We all (friends and family alike) love delicious things and sharing whatever new thing is getting cooked up. We believe it’s a great way for people to come together, connect, and just celebrate the day. The grandparents play a huge part in our lives. Our parents all get along great and visit often. We’ve recently started the tradition of annual vacations and will often spend the holidays all together. Justin’s sister lives in Long Island and is very close to the family. Emily has two older brothers. One lives in Los Angeles and one in the Philadelphia area. While they aren’t close physically, everyone stays in touch as much as possible. Our friends are very important to the group as well. Justin’s close-knit group has been together since high school and remains close even as their families expand! Emily’s moved around a bit (from Pennsylvania, Atlanta, New York to New Jersey) and has a diverse friend group that keeps her on her toes! Everyone loves to get together for a great meal, crack jokes and play with Thomas.

Final Thoughts

“We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our family while you plan for your child’s future. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to expand our family and making our dreams of adoption come true. We look forward to everything the future brings.”

-Emily & Justin

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]