I’m Lacey! I’m an upbeat, compassionate, and outgoing person, who loves cooking, eating and thinking about food. I grew up in Upstate New York and lived in Boston, Brooklyn and San Francisco for more than fifteen years before moving back Upstate seven years ago. I live with two fluffy cats, Doodles and Nanaimo, who follow me around the house like dogs. I’m independent and reliable and enjoy my own company as much as I do spending time with my wide circle of smart and hilarious friends, many of whom I’ve known since we were teenagers. I value kindness, creativity and the ability to laugh at yourself.

I have achieved a variety of things in my life to date that I am proud of- I have a law degree and an excellent career, I own a cute house in a great location, I have wonderful friends and family who love me and give me so much- but the thing I have wanted most deeply for my entire life is to be a parent. That journey has taken a variety of twists and turns and I am incredibly excited at the chance to finally welcome a child into my life and complete my little family.

About Lacey

Job Description
Government Affairs, Healthcare Policy

Cooking, Planning Activities Around Eating, Hiking, Crafting, Reading, Going to Museums, Concerts, and Theater, Gardening, Doing Crosswords and Word Games

Fun Fact
I spent several months studying in Bali when I was in college and learned to speak Indonesian, although I only remember a few phrases at this point.

My Life

I live in a sunny three bedroom house on a quiet street in a small Hudson Valley town, about two hours from NYC. It’s a short walk to town, where there is a great library, a little lake with a public beach, a ton of shops and restaurants, and a beautiful park overlooking the Hudson River. I love where I live, as it’s easy to be outside, but also has many amenities of the City. In the summer, I look forward to meeting up with friends and their kids at the local swimming spot, stopping at the ice cream place for a treat, and then gathering in someone’s backyard for a cookout and a bonfire. In the winter, I love to have people over for Sunday dinner and make a big pot of soup or a roast chicken or pasta with too much cheese. I regularly visit NYC to see plays and art exhibits and visit with friends.

My Family

I’m lucky to be part of a large, rambling and welcoming family who legitimately enjoy each other’s company. I’m very close to my mother and stepmother who live an hour away and are incredibly excited to be hands-on grandmothers. (They’ve already given me several vintage baby blankets made by my great grandmothers.) My father and my other stepmother split their time between New York and Florida and when they are in NY, my Dad loves to visit and do projects at my house. I have four step-siblings and seven nieces and nephews, some of whom live nearby and all of whom are fantastic. We get together every summer for a week at the lake near where we grew up. Both my parents are Canadian and I visit my extensive extended family there regularly. Adoption is already a theme in my family – my parents are actually birth parents. I have an older sister who my parents placed for adoption at birth. She reconnected with our family about fifteen years ago, which has been an incredible experience for all.

Final Thoughts

“I am in awe of your selflessness and honored by your trust in me as you make this decision. I am so grateful for the opportunity to parent a child and to make sure they feel loved, listened to, and valued every day. Thank you for being on this journey with me.”


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