Hi there! My name is Lenora. I love my life and am really looking forward to becoming a mom. and expanding my already large family by raising a child with tons of love, laughter, compassion, respect for others and a sense of adventure. I am dedicated to preparing my child to conquer life in whatever they decide to do.

I feel very lucky to have such love and support from a close knit group of family and friends, I love to be social but also love to be at home with my two pups. I have lived in a couple major cities but always manage to stay close with my family. They live all over the country so we Skype often and travel to see each other during the holidays. I am very tight with my college girlfriends and have shared every life event with them. I currently work as a surgical scheduler but I studied journalism, was an executive assistant and even had my own business. I will encourage my child as they find their own path – whether that means college or something else.

About Lenora

Job Description
Administrative Assistant

Yoga, Hula-Hooping, E-Scooter

Fun Fact
I have taken Yoga on and off for over half of my life. My favorite style is hot yoga, which I once took consistently for about a year.

My Life

I am really pretty simple. Most of my social life revolves around my two dogs, the dog park and the friends I’ve made there. It’s kind of like a parent’s group and before the pandemic we would make a point of socializing every couple of months outside the dog park. I also have brunch with my college girlfriends every so often. I work 8:30-5pm and take yoga on the weekends. I have a treadmill at home that I use for fitness. I take my scooter out riding on the greenway whenever the weather is particularly nice. I also have a state park within a 10-minute walk so I am often taking classes there. It has several playgrounds, a merry-go-round and lots of kids classes. There is a playground on the premise of my apartment. This is really an ideal place to raise a child with lots to do, learn and experience. My life is simple, comfortable yet stimulating and fun.

My Family

I am surrounded by a large, loving family. Both my parents are still alive and I am the youngest of six siblings. My family loves to laugh and can be incredibly silly when we get together. We love to cook big meals and Sunday breakfast is always a feast. During holidays, my Mom will play the piano and we ‘kids’ sing along. I have 13 awesome nieces and nephews that I have proudly watched grow up. I think I’m considered the ‘Cool Auntie’. I hope it’s because I connect to each of them on their own level and feel it’s important to cultivate that bond of trust. They all know they call talk to me about anything, ask for advice or just have someone to listen. This bond continues to grow closer as they grow up. My child will be welcomed into this big family with so much love.

Final Thoughts

“I am happy, earnest and positively overflowing with love. I have a good life and am anxious to raise a child in a loving, supportive home. I know I will pour my heart and soul into their healthy development, happiness and wellbeing. I would be grateful and honored to be considered to raise your child and I hope to earn the trust required for you to have confidence that I would do so in the best possible way. My goal is to find the balance where everyone feels happy, whole and that their needs and interests were best served. Thank for your consideration.”


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