Hi, I’m Lisa, a dependable and loyal friend who is always up for an adventure or outing. I’ve lived in the NY/NJ area for over 20 years and enjoy exploring the city and going to the theater. As a mom, I hope to show a child all the amazing things I’ve discovered in the city over the years. On weekends, I can be found taking walks in the park, visiting my local farmers market, and cooking delicious meals. It is my greatest hope to become a mom and on this journey, I’ve worked to create a loving home in which to raise a child. I also have a cuddly, long hair, orange cat who resembles Simba and would make an excellent feline sibling! I love to laugh. One of the gifts I learned from my mother is to not take oneself too seriously and to find humor and a bit of silliness in many aspects of day-to-day life. I look forward to sharing this ability with a child as well. I also love to travel. Every year I try to go somewhere in the world I haven’t been before. I keep track of these trips on a map in my home. I look forward to sharing this thirst for adventure and appreciation for different countries, cultures and foods with a child.

About Lisa

Job Description
Community development/philanthropy

Dancing, Cooking, Baking, Knitting, Traveling, Swimming

Fun Fact
I swam in the Hudson River —on purpose! In 2017 I trained for and completed the NYC Triathlon. The 1-mile swim portion of the triathlon takes place in the Hudson. This was actually my favorite part of the race and I still try to swim laps from time to time, though not in the Hudson.

My Life

While I enjoy outings and spending time with friends, I also value quiet time relaxing at home. One of the reasons I chose to move to the building I reside in is because it is a family/child -friendly building in a safe, quiet area, and in an incredibly diverse Brooklyn neighborhood. There’s even an amazing jungle gym in the back yard that is frequently used by children in the building. On weekends, sometimes I’ll do a home movie night and pop some fresh popcorn jazzing it up with my own spice blend. I love to cook and try new recipes, which I share with my friends and neighbors. My community of friends is important to me: I gather with them regularly for meals or local adventures in a park, museum or theater. Since my community has many children, we often do kid-friendly activities together.

My Family

My immediate family and a good portion of my extended family live throughout New York State (upstate and downstate) and I see them regularly. I have a strong local network of friends who form my support system and social network – many of them have children of their own who consider me an auntie. I am of West Indian heritage and love the beach so in the summer time, you can often find me enjoying the sounds of the ocean at a local beach only 25 minutes away! I recently inherited my mother’s large dining table that’s been in the family for almost a century. This is the table around which I grew up enjoying holiday meals with family. It’s important to me to carry on this tradition, and I now host Christmas dinner around this table with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

“I know you are facing a challenging decision at this time, and I’m sure this all feels a bit overwhelming. So, I suppose that if there was one last sentiment I would leave you with I would say that I am a person who is committed and “all in” on this journey. I’ve been preparing for this for years and am ready to be a loving and doting parent to a child.”

– Lisa

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