Rodney & Matthew

Hello, we are the Dunlap-Keener family! We are thrilled to welcome you into our lives as we share a bit about ourselves. Our family is made up of Rodney, Matthew, and our two-year-old son, Elijah. As a transracial family and gay couple, we believe that love knows no boundaries and that family is about more than just biology. We are excited about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and hope to provide a loving and supportive home for your child.

Rodney is Director of Marketing & Creative Operations for a unique digital retail marketing company where he enjoys using his creativity to bring innovative ideas to life. In his free time, he loves cooking, theater, biking, film, and skiing. Matthew works as an Administrative Assistant and has a passion for long-distance running, interior design, gardening, and reading. Our son, Elijah, is an energetic toddler who loves playing with trains and trucks, going to Little Gym with his dads, and spending time outdoors.

As a family, we value open communication, honesty, and respect. We strive to create a warm and nurturing environment where your child can feel loved and supported in all aspects of their life. We believe that every child deserves a safe and happy home, and we are committed to providing that for our family.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, and we look forward to the possibility of growing our family through adoption.

About Rodney

Director of Marketing & Creative Operations

Cooking, Theater, Biking, Film, Skiing

Fun Fact
Rodney has a hidden talent for musical performance! He has a beautiful singing voice and plays the piano. He loves to belt out show tunes and classic ballads.

About Matthew

Administrative Assistant

Long Distance Running, Interior Design, Gardening and reading!

Fun Fact
Matt has a natural sense of rhythm and loves to dance! He’s always the first one on the dance floor and loves to teach others how to move their feet!

About Elijah

Trains, Trucks, Little Gym, Playing outside!

Fun Fact
Elijah loves trains, books and buses! He can already name all the different types of trains and buses he sees in his books and in real life! He loves to point them all out when we are out and about.

Our Lives

Our life is full of love, laughter, and adventure. As a family, we believe in the importance of staying connected to our community, church, and family. We enjoy volunteering our time to help those in need, and we participate in various community events throughout the year. As parents, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for our child and future children, where they can grow and thrive both physically and emotionally, alongside their older brother, Elijah.

We also value education and believe in the power of learning. We have a cozy home filled with books, toys, and art supplies, where our son and future children can explore and discover new things. We also love to spend time outdoors, going for walks in the park, riding bikes, and taking trips to the beach or the mountains.

In addition, we have a close-knit extended family who are excited to welcome a new addition. Our children will have cousins to play with, aunts and uncles who will love and support them, and grandparents who will shower them with affection.

Overall, we are excited about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption and to provide a happy and fulfilling life for our children. We look forward to sharing our lives with them and creating new memories together, as a loving family of four or more.

Our Family

Our family is made up of many wonderful people who love and support each other. We have a diverse and loving extended family that spans across different states, including Rodney’s family in Maryland and Matthew’s family in Tennessee.

We have a tradition of celebrating holidays and birthdays together as a family. We enjoy cooking and baking together, and we always make sure to have a big family meal. We also enjoy playing board games, watching movies together, going on trips and camping. Our French bulldog, Harper Lee, is an important part of our family, and we love to take her on walks and play with her.

Your children will have cousins, aunts, uncles, and a church family who will all be a part of their life. They will have the opportunity to create special memories with their cousins and learn from their aunts and uncles. Our church family is also important to us, and we enjoy participating in church activities and events.

In addition to our immediate family, we also have close friends who are like family to us. They have been a part of our lives for many years, and we consider them to be an important part of our support system.

Overall, our family is a diverse and loving group of people who are excited to welcome a new addition. We are looking forward to creating new memories and traditions together as a family, and we can’t wait to share our love with our future children.

Final Thoughts

“To the birth family, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for considering us as potential parents for your children. We understand that this is a difficult decision, and we want you to know that we are committed to providing a loving, stable, and nurturing home for your children, surrounded by family, community, and faith. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and for considering us on this journey of adoption.”

-Matt & Rodney

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].