Sara & Kevin

We met in late 2014 and immediately bonded over our mutual interests in social justice and education. We very quickly learned that we both prioritize communication and regularly spend time checking in with each other’s feelings. We moved in together in 2016 and got married in May of 2018. Sara appreciates that Kevin has brought creativity, love, and stability to her life. Kevin feels that Sara has brought adventure and emotional support to his. 

About Kevin

Job Description

Math tutor.


reading, board games, drawing, & camping.

Fun Fact

Kevin was a Math teacher for almost a decade and used to teach his students to juggle on the last day of school. 

About Sara

Job Description



cooking & baking, crafts, reading, camping, and exercising.

Fun Fact

Sara loves traveling and has been to every continent except Antartica. 

Our Life

Our day-to-day life together includes a lot of laughter, cooking together, and listening to each other. We like to spend time visiting with friends, playing board games, and reading together. On weekends we like to go camping or hiking in Upstate New York, and sometimes we visit Sara’s family on Long Island. We also like to try new hobbies together like salsa dancing. Sara is always planning our next vacation. 

Our Family

Kevin is an only child and Sara has one sister. Both sets of parents are still married and looking forward to becoming grandparents. Kevin and Sara spend most holidays with Sara’s family on Long Island. Kevin’s family lives in LA and we visit them twice a year for a week or more. We always get together with Kevin’s extended, multi-racial family when we visit, including cousins of various ages. We have lots of close friends who are currently pregnant or have young children (including one child who was adopted from Spence Chapin!) We look forward to bringing our child into this community.

Final Thoughts

“We appreciate the love you already have for your baby. We want you to know that we are looking forward to creating a loving and supportive home and we will be excited to foster a relationship between an adopted child and their birth family. ”

– Sara + Kevin

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]