Sean & Jean Yves

Picture it: Montreal, 2017. Jean Yves had been living in Montreal for several years, and Sean had just moved there for work. We first met and had a very strong sense of “Oh, I know you!” even though we had never met before. A few months into our relationship, Sean got a job offer to bring them back to New York City, which took our relationship to a new level of commitment, exciting both of us. Over the next year, Sean lived in Brooklyn and Jean Yves lived in Montreal, and we traveled back and forth until we were reunited permanently in 2019 and married that summer. Over the past several years, we have continued to build our home in Brooklyn, take some adventures in traveling, and grow as a couple. We’ve enjoyed travels to Hawaii, Ireland, France, and even upstate to spend time with friends. During the pandemic, we got to reconnect with our love of the arts through nightly livestreams from different theaters and organizations. We knew that adoption was going to be the way we grew our family, and it felt natural given that Jean Yves’ two eldest siblings were adopted. We cannot wait to introduce a child to the arts, imagination, travel and all of the love in our circle of family and friends.

About Jean Yves

Job Description
Specialty Foods Team Member, as well as studying Human Services at Borough of Manhattan CC to transfer into the social work program at Hunter College

Crafting, Theater, Walking, Biking, Sewing, Crocheting, Traveling, Cooking, Eating

Fun Fact
In my spare time, I love to make natural bath and self-care products to use!

About Sean

Job Description
UX Content Design Manager

Piano, Bassoon, Gardening, Hiking, Theater, Reading, Traveling, Writing, Learning Languages

Fun Fact
I absolutely love to dance, and even was part of a touring and competition dance company at one point!

Our Lives

We enjoy spending our time with our friends and family — whether that is here is New York or visiting them in Canada or wherever they may be. We also love taking advantage of everything that NYC has to offer in terms of theater, dance, music, art, and even regular walks in the botanical gardens throughout the city. In the summer, you can find us regularly enjoying a beach trip or a simple picnic in Prospect Park. In the winter, we regularly enjoy ski trips to different mountains in the northeast with our friends and family. We also both have a love of old records, and can be found listening to the classics in our apartment while chatting in either French or English. We also love to experiment in the kitchen — sometimes to our benefit, and sometimes to our own misfortune! We are so excited to add our child to all our adventure

Our Family

Family, whether that is the family that we have been born into or those we chose for ourselves, is very important to us. In fact, we refer to many of our friends as our “chosen family” because of the prominent role they play in our lives. Most of Sean’s family lives in Massachusetts and Maine, which makes it quite easy for us to visit them or vice versa. The majority of Jean Yves’ friends and family still live in Canada, and although it has been hard in recent years, we are hoping to be able to build new traditions through regular visits with them when travel becomes easier. We also have a very close circle of friends who live in Brooklyn and Queens and typically will see at least a few of them every week. Everyone has expressed their enthusiasm for us to grow our family and they can’t wait to be part of our child’s life.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for considering us as you make this difficult decision. Life with the two of us, our friends, and our family is full of love, laughter, and creativity and we cannot wait to introduce a child to that world. We are so excited to become parents and start our amazing journey down that yellow brick road together.”

-Sean & Jean Yves

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].