My name is Sheryl.  I live with two fur babies, Sawyer and Sophie, who are 3 and 4 pounds and have tons of love and affection to shower on everyone they meet.  My mom currently lives in Nebraska but will be retiring in the next few years and will then be living with me for extended periods of time to attend to grandmother (a/k/a spoiling) duties.  My middle sister, Tara, lives with her husband, Fran, and their twins, Amber and Wyatt, in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Amber and Wyatt are very much looking forward to a new little cousin to cuddle and play with.  My youngest sister, Kris, lives with her husband, Ben, and their cat, George, in Yuma, Arizona.  I have an extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as a large “chosen” family of friends who live both near and far.

About Sherly

Job Description

Reading, traveling, scrapbooking, watching reality TV

Fun Fact:
I lived in Brazil for a year as an exchange student when I was a junior in high school.  It was an amazing experience and was the start of my love of travel.  When I arrived in Brazil, I did not speak a word of Portuguese, but learned it very quickly out of necessity.  I remember waking up very excited after I had been there for about 6 months because I had my first dream in Portuguese.

My Life

I will be a single parent, so I will have a nanny helping with childcare.  My mom will be very involved in our family.  I have very close friends who are, and will continue to be, part of our family.

There is nothing better than experiencing things through the eyes of a child and I cannot wait to do that with my own child.  I am looking forward to the simple things, such as bath time, dinner time and bedtime. 

I am also looking forward to introducing my child to the wonders of the world, from those on our doorstep (Liberty National Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Coney Island), to those far away (Brazil, glaciers in Alaska, pyramids in Egypt).

My Family

As you will see from my photos, my family is comprised of actual family members (including my two dogs) and chosen family members (friends), who are an important part of my family.  I love to travel with family and friends.  Some of these pictures were taken during a large family trip to Scotland – I traveled to Scotland with my mom, my sister, Tara, and her family, my aunt and cousin, and several of my mom’s cousins.  I also travel with friends frequently, go to visit them or host them when they come to visit.  Several other pictures throughout my profile show me with college friends and their children.

Final Thoughts

“Please know that if you choose me to adopt your child you will be giving me the gift of a lifetime.  I will provide our child with a loving home, an opportunity to be independent and to thrive and succeed and a support system to help her/him whenever needed.”

– Sheryl

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