Terry & Lauren

Hi! We are Terry and Lauren, thank you for taking the time to read more about us. We are very excited to be on this adoption journey! We were introduced through a dating app in late 2013. We had an instant connection on our first date, so much so that we went on another date two days later, and have been inseparable ever since. We got married in 2017, and soon after began the process to grow our family.

Adoption is near and dear to our hearts and has always been a part of our family plan. Terry was adopted and always wanted to adopt as well, knowing how wonderful adoption can be. Lauren has two cousins who were adopted, and even as a child, felt that adoption was a beautiful and magical construct. Needless to say, the decision to adopt was effortless! We adopted our first child in October 2018 and our second child in February 2020. We are hoping to continue to grow our family through adoption.

About Terry

Regional Director at a Telecommunications Company

Sports (Especially rooting on the University of Michigan!)

Fun Fact
Terry was adopted as a child and he played several sports growing up before joining the Marine Corps.

About Lauren


Shopping – for herself, family, gifts – doesn’t matter!

Fun Fact:
Lauren grew up in a big family – she has five siblings!

Our Life

We recently moved from Virginia to New York to be closer to family. We chose our neighborhood for the open and welcoming community, with some long-standing, older residents and many young families moving in. There are always kids playing outside and there are plenty of parks and playgrounds nearby. The center of town is a few blocks from our house, and is always busy with shopping, restaurants, and community events. We have the best of both worlds—we live in a close-knit neighborhood with a smalltown feel but are close to the hustle and bustle of New York City. We love spending time together as a family, enjoying food from local restaurants, taking long walks around town, and playing in the backyard. We hope that as the pandemic ends, we will be able to take advantage of more activities and events in our town and in the city.

Our Family

We currently have two children. Our son joined our family in the fall of 2018. He is a happy and energetic child, and brings joy wherever he goes! Our daughter was born in the winter of 2020. She was born prematurely and spent several weeks in the NICU before coming home. She has overcome so much in her short life, and is a fighter, with an unmatched spirit and zest for life! Our son and daughter were both adopted at birth and we are honored that their birth parents chose us to be their parents. We have the most loving extended families! Our children are spoiled by their loving grandparents and love seeing their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Our families are so excited that we are planning to adopt again and cannot wait to share in the love and support as we continue to grow our family.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope you got a glimpse into what we are like as people and as parents. We know this is an emotional time for you, and we want you to know how much we admire your strength. We are a family built through adoption. We want our children to know that the way we became a family is something to be proud of. Throughout our children’s lives, we will honor their journey as adoptees and respect the decisions of their birth parents.”

Lauren & Terry

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected]