Tom & Lauren

Hello!  We are Lauren and Tom, and this is our amazing daughter, Eleanor.  The three of us live in Astoria, Queens, with our two cats, Beck and Harvey.  Tom and Lauren met through mutual friends in 2008 and got married in 2014.  We’ve been a happy family of three since Eleanor was born in 2017!  We love doing things as a family – from running 5ks at the Bronx Zoo, to apple and pumpkin picking at local farms, to watching movies together on family movie nights. We love experiencing everything New York City has to offer, so we like to spend our weekends enjoying museums, parks, botanical gardens, and Broadway shows.   

We are so excited to grow our family through adoption and cannot wait for Eleanor to be the best big sister ever! 

About Tom

Corporate Accountant

Reading, crossword puzzles, and playing Dungeons and Dragons

Fun Fact
I collect Spider-Man and Daredevil comic books.

About Lauren

Law Clerk

Reading, learning the guitar, and going to the beach with Eleanor

Fun Fact:
I ran my first (and only!) marathon in 2022

About Eleanor

First grader and future archeologist

Swimming, dancing, jiu jitsu, and going to the beach with mommy

Fun Fact
I love searching for treasure and want to be an archeologist when I grow up

Our Life

During the week, Eleanor goes to school and aftercare in our neighborhood while Lauren and Tom work, and we all have dinner as a family together before bath and bedtime.  On the weekends, we build Legos, watch movies, read books, play in the park, go on adventures around the city, and attend Eleanor’s swim and dance practices.  Eleanor loves to bake and cook with both Lauren and Tom, and Lauren and Eleanor spend lots of time at the beach during the summer.  Eleanor and Tom both love Marvel comics and enjoyed spending time together at Comic-con this year (with Eleanor dressed as She-Hulk!). 

We have a wonderful community in Astoria, so we spend a lot of our time with our friends, their children, and (to Eleanor’s delight), their dogs!  We have a close-knit group that loves to get together for barbeques, game nights, and holiday brunches!

Our Family

We like to spend holidays, as well as long weekends, with our extended families: Tom’s family near Philadelphia and Lauren’s family near Pittsburgh and in New Jersey. Eleanor is very close with her grandparents and talks to them on FaceTime often when she does not see them in person. While Eleanor does not have any first cousins, she has many second cousins that she loves to play with! We also have very close friends who live nearby, whom we consider family.

We feel very supported and loved by our family and community, and we have no doubt that any addition to our family would feel this support and love as well.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you so much for considering our family in your decision. We hope that we have an opportunity to learn more about you and welcome you into our family, as well. We are extremely excited to grow our family through adoption, and we want you to know that our future child will be surrounded by a supportive and loving family and community.”

Lauren & Tom

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