Craig & Henry

Craig and Henry have been together for 15 years (married for 6!). We met in college at the University of Delaware. We were both in the Art Program, Craig was studying Design and Henry was studying Photography. We initially bonded over our creative interest that grew to be more than just a friendship. We then moved to New York to pursue our creative careers. It has been the prefect city for us to not only grow professionally but also enjoy the multitude of cultural experiences. We enjoy traveling together and have been to Europe numerous times. When we aren’t traveling or out exploring the city, we also enjoy quiet nights at home cooking, dinners with friends, and catching up on our favorite shows.

We consider family very important and maintain great relationships with our relatives. As a way to grow our family we are excited for the opportunity of adoption. We look forward to welcoming a child into our lives and believe we can provide a safe, nurturing and loving home.


Principal Design Operations Manager


Running, Cross stitch, Antiquing

Roadtripped across the US with a friend visiting 20 states from coast to coast!

About Henry

Sr Creative Producer

Reading, Drawing, Cooking/baking

“I love to try new things. I recently began knitting and have been making scarves and blankets for family and friends.”


We enjoy getting away from our computer screens and getting out of our home. We spend our weekends trying new restaurants, exploring Brooklyn, visiting the nearby farmers market, or heading over to Prospect park to picnic with friends. We often travel to visit our parents who live in Pennsylvania and Baltimore. We love the museums in New York and checking out new art shows. We also enjoy some down time at home where we can just relax and cook a great meal and watch a movie on the couch.


Craig’s Mom and Sister live in Pennsylvania and we often visit them on weekends. Craig’s Dad lives in Florida in a great beach side community that’s a perfect getaway from the cold Northeast winters. Henry’s Dad lives in Baltimore and has a boat on the Chesapeake Bay which is perfect in the warmer months for swimming and boating. Henry’s Sister lives in Amsterdam with her husband and they just welcomed their first child. It gives us a great reason to visit Europe more often. Some of our closest friends live in Brooklyn and New Jersey. Katie and her daughter Evie (the flower girl in our wedding) as well as Craig’s high school friend Rachel, husband Sal, and son Max. For the holidays with our Parents so close it’s easy to see each family. We enjoy finding time each year to vacation together.


“We thank you for considering us during this difficult time. Our lives are full of love, creativity, and humor. We are so excited to share this with a child and become a family. Thank you for making this possible for us and being a part of our journey.”

-Craig and Henry

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