Michael & David

Adoption has always been our first choice for building a family. Part of what drew us to together was seeing the traits of good parents in each other. Michael was impressed by David’s loving nature, incredible energy, and devotion to all the children of our friends and family. David was struck by Michael’s cool-headed patience, sense of humor, and dependability.

Our circle of friends is broad and loving. Many of our friends have welcomed children of their own in the last few years, and we like to bring homemade food to their apartments on the weekend so we can hang out with them and their little ones hassle-free. We’re also lucky to be connected to the Brooklyn Queer Parents community of hundreds of families, where we can turn for parenting advice, support, baby gear, school and summer program recommendations, and social gatherings for parents and their kiddos. We look forward to bringing our child into our wonderful circle of support.



“I used to be a lawyer, but now I’m working on a novel. Reading is a big deal for me, for work and for fun. I go through about four books a month and make David listen to my many thoughts about them. In my spare time, I take care of the orchids that brighten our home and help young people aging out of the foster care system become independent. I also love roller coasters! They’ve been my hobby since I was a kid and I consider each one a work of art.”

After college taught English in China for two years in the Chinese countryside, helped the students put on productions of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin!


Orchestra conductor

“I love books and Star Wars, and I listen to so much music that my headphones fell apart recently. I also love going to see live music and theater with Michael and friends. I’m happiest when I feel helpful, so if you find me washing dishes at a party, don’t worry, I’m exactly where I want to be, just come keep me company!”

Loves to conduct music written by friends and once conducted a 7-hour concert with only a dinner break in the middle! Also an Eagle Scout!


Our lives revolve around music and words. David almost always has music playing and looks forward to singing, playing, listening, and dancing to music with our child. Michael reads a ton and spends hours each day working on the novel he’s writing. He looks forward to reading to our child every night before bed.

Both of us also prioritize working with young people, especially teenagers and young adults. David teaches and conducts the orchestras at New York University. Michael volunteers in the foster care system in New York, helping young people who are aging out of the system build stable and happy lives.

We’re lucky to live near downtown Brooklyn on a quiet, tree-lined block with lots of young families. We enjoy having friends over to grill and relax in our sunny backyard. There’s a peaceful community garden next door where we look forward to bringing our child to watch birds build their nests in the spring and to play in the leaves in the fall.


We’re close with our families and see them quite a bit in spite of living in different states. David’s parents and younger sister live in Alabama, where he grew up. We usually visit them in Birmingham for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or we see them at their mountain home in North Carolina, where we hike to hidden waterfalls and sit around the fire pit telling stories under the stars.

Michael’s parents live in San Diego, and his older brother lives with his wife and two little girls in Los Angeles. We host Michael’s parents in New York for a week or two every year. They love spending time in the city! We also see Michael’s family in California, where we play games with our nieces, go to the aquarium, and cool off at the beach.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you get all the love and support you need as you explore your options and make the decision that feels best for your child.

-Michael & David

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