Choosing Adoption for Your Baby – Step-by-Step Process

Choosing adoption for your baby is an emotionally difficult decision, and one you do not have to make alone. You may have heard people refer to adoption as “giving your baby up” or “putting your baby up for adoption,” as if it were a simple thing you decide to do. We know it’s not. Adoption is a choice that you can make for yourself and your baby after weighing all of your options and deciding what is best for you.( It or the Process) should be at your pace and focused on your wishes for you baby. . Our counselors will be there every step of the way to provide guidance, information, and support. Should you want to explore an adoption plan for your baby, below is a step-by-step guide on how to get started.

Gather Information & Reach Out

If you are reading this, you’ve already taken an important step. The more you understand your options, the more confident you will feel about deciding what is best for you and your baby. Call us. Your call does not mean that you’ve already decided on adoption—it’s just about getting information. It helps to talk to someone who cares and who can give you accurate information on what the process entails. You can contact us by phone, text, through live chat, email, or by completing this contact form.

Meet your Options Counselor

We offer a safe space to consider your options by providing free, confidential, and non-judgmental supportive counseling. You can speak with us however you feel most comfortable—phone, email, text, in person, or via virtual video counseling. We have several office locations, but we will also visit you anywhere in the New York City metro area (the five boroughs, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, and Westchester) and New Jersey! Our counseling and support services are available 24/7 and in multiple languages.

Choose & Meet an Adoptive Family

If you decide that adoption is the right option for you and your baby, you will have the option of reviewing the profiles of families who are waiting to adopt with your social worker. These profiles will provide you with photos and personal information about each potential adoptive family—who they are, what their family is like, why they are adopting, and what they value in life. You will have plenty of time to select the family that you feel is best for your baby. If you decide to meet them, your social worker will be there to support you during the meeting with the family.

Create a Hospital Plan

Depending on which option you choose and how far along you are in your pregnancy, it may be important to create a plan for when you are in the hospital. Your counselor will work with you to create the plan you want, so you can have support when making decisions for yourself and your child during your hospital stay. Our counselors will work with the hospital social worker to ensure your plans are known your wishes will be supported.

Utilize Interim Care

Parenting a newborn can be overwhelming while you are trying to make a plan for the future. You may need additional time to think about your options and choices. Our Interim Care Program will allow you to continue to fully explore all options while your baby is cared for by a nurturing caregiver in a loving home. Our services are free for you while you take the time a decision.

Support After Adoption

Additional counseling is available to you after you have made an adoption plan.  If you choose to, you can receive FREE supportive counseling sessions which you can schedule at any time. 

*Our use of terms “put up” and “give up” does not reflect how we feel about adoptive placements. These terms are most widely used search terms for those considering adoption for their baby, and we wish for this page to reach those who seek information about making an adoption plan.

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