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We understand that women and their partners need time and breathing space to make a decision about the future of their family, especially after the recent birth of a child. Placing their newborn in Interim Care allows biological parents to continue counseling to fully explore their options while knowing their baby is being cared for by a nurturing caregiver in a loving home. 

Individualized support and counseling for pregnant women and families preparing for adoption are hallmarks of our service. Our Interim Care Providers play an essential role in the work of our organization. No job is more important than caring for and providing a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for a child as his or her biological parents make a plan for the child’s future.


  • Provide a safe family atmosphere of acceptance, kindness, and understanding
  • Give each infant the attention and care that they need, to promote normal development and attachment
  • Document milestones by taking pictures and writing down observations
  • Attend trainings quarterly
  • Participate, if requested by Spence-Chapin, in any scheduled visitation with birth parents or adoptive parents
  • Attend all well-baby visits and medical appointments
“We are so happy to be able to provide a safe, happy, loving environment for the newborns so that their families are able to make a plan. No joy can surpass that of knowing we provided love, support, hugs and snuggles to these little ones. We are so happy to serve these babies and their families.”
Interim Care Provider

Interim Care Providers are expected to be respectful, non-judgmental and compassionate in their care of children from all backgrounds. Applicants will have the opportunity to interview with Spence-Chapin staff, and receive training on newborn care, roles and expectations, and other needs of the children.