Alessandra & Juan

We are Juan and Alessandra and we met in 2013 while working at the Children’s Aid Society as social workers. We immediately bonded over our love of working with people (especially children). For many years we lived in Harlem and then the Bronx, with our dog Puzzle, who we adopted in 2016. We moved to a diverse neighborhood in New Jersey in 2020 and have been making it our home since. Despite our geographical move we’ve maintained a strong bond to New York City and Alessandra still works in the Bronx and Juan works in Washington Heights. It’s been important for us to continue working in the communities we have strong ties to. We can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives.

About Alessandra

Clinical Social Worker

Exercising, cooking, seeing things on Broadway, singing

Fun Fact
Alessandra’s favorite holiday is Halloween and she makes sure to decorate and stay home for trick or treaters every year. Her grandmother used to hand sew all her costumes as a kid too!

About Juan

Social Worker

Reading, hanging out with our dog, gardening, cooking

Fun Fact:
Juan’s developed his cooking skills while he was a chef at a soup kitchen on the Lower East Side for 10 years.

Our Life

During the week we are both working, and we make sure to always have dinner together (while watching Jeopardy). Alessandra will make sure to catch a workout before or after work with her friends she’s met virtually during the pandemic. Juan has been trying out new recipes in the kitchen and has been making recipes from various countries. When we get downtime on the weekend we love being on the go! We have a wide variety of interests, and you can find us at museums, theatres, dive restaurants, bookstores or enjoying nature. Our next goal is to travel more once our family expands.

Our Family

We spend a lot of time with our immediate family and close friends. Alessandra’s father lives only 30 minutes away and spends every weekend with us. Alessandra is an only child but her best friend from high school is like a sister. We talk every day and she and her husband are included in all our family activities. Juan has an older brother who lives in Long Island with his wife and son. We spend some holidays there as well. Juan’s godfather is also very involved with our family. We also spend a lot of time with our close friends’ 3 year old twins who are our honorary niece and nephew!

Holidays are some of our biggest family traditions and are celebrated with a lot of warmth and good food. You can always find our family chatting away in the kitchen during holidays. Both of our families made sure we were exposed to many different cultures and many different cultural activities growing up. It’s important to both of us that our child is similarly exposed to different people and world experiences.

Final Thoughts

We understand that this may be a time of great ambivalence for you. We want to thank you for your time reading our profile and considering us. If adoption feels like the right choice for you, we will welcome a child into our lives with love, support, and exuberance. We are also extremely open to finding an open adoption plan that works for all.

Alessandra & Juan

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].