Clarice & Elliott

We’re Clarice and Elliott! We met 17 years ago working at a museum cafe in college. Clarice accidentally spilled milk on Elliott’s backpack and we’ve been best friends ever since. For the last 15 years, we’ve lived in Queens with our two senior cats, Mei Mei and Mochi, and are excited to make NYC our lifelong home.

We love trying to make each other smile and can collapse into laughter over random things. We both enjoy experiences that involve creativity and the outdoors, such as handcrafting classes, music festivals, and outdoor photography. Clarice’s passion, combined with her constant willingness to lend a listening ear, makes her the perfect cheerleader for friends and family. Elliott’s optimism and problem-solving skills make him a ready and enthusiastic partner for almost any adventure. Throughout our lives, the most important thing has been to support each other and those closest to us, whether through exciting milestones or unexpected curveballs.

We’ve talked about growing our family through adoption since the early years of our relationship and we’re thrilled to have reached this stage of our lives. Having both come from blended families, we value the importance of providing support and unconditional love to your chosen family. We cannot wait to share our lives and love with a child.

About Clarice

Job Description
Human Resources Leader in Healthcare

Ceramics, painting, gardening, traveling, running (grudgingly)

About Elliott

Job Description
Psychology professor and management consultant

Running (especially for donuts), hiking, camping, volunteering, reading sci-fi and history, seeing live music

Our Life

We are so grateful for the lives we live, filled with love and adventure. No matter the day, there is always music playing in our home, which can often lead to a spontaneous dance party. We also value our time outside exploring various parts of the city. One of our favorite weekend routines is to run to a local park or special destination with a tasty treat at the end point. We also try to make it to farmer’s markets, community events, and volunteering activities to learn and have fun. During the week, Clarice works from home and Elliott has a hybrid work schedule so we can have meals together and chat about our days. We enjoy cooking dinner together, especially when curry, mac and cheese, or peanut noodles are on the menu. When we travel, we look forward to trying new foods and hiking. Some of our most memorable trips include US national parks, Nepal, and Iceland.

Our Family

Our family deeply values being present in each other’s lives and are excited to welcome a new family member. They are compassionate, have strong ties to their roots, and are dedicated to constant learning. Food is our love language and is at the center of many holidays. During Lunar New Year we celebrate by making dumplings and for the Fourth of July we have a big cookout by the lake. Our immediate family members live nearby, some as close as the next neighborhood over, making it easy to see them for birthdays, game nights, or just to hang out. We also take at least one family trip a year, the most recent being to Taiwan to see extended family. We count many of our friends as family, regularly sharing a meal with those who are still local and visiting those that have moved away as often as we can.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and can’t wait to surround our child with love, adventure, art, and food.

-Clarice & Elliott

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].