Craig & JJ

Please meet Craig and JJ, a married couple living in the Upper East Side who have been together since 2019. From our very first date we’ve had love and laughter in our lives. We share an appreciation of many things in life – movies, TV, reading, art, music, creative pursuits, and a passion for the work we do… plus dogs. We also share a deep appreciation for our families and a strong desire to grow ours. We’re a balance of introverted and extroverted – appreciating our time home with Stella (our dog) playing an ever-growing board game collection, as well as enjoying meals with friends and family. We’re both down to earth and committed to each other and growing our family. We can’t wait to share our love with a child who we’re committed to loving, teaching and guiding through life.

About JJ

Job Description

JJ enjoys public speaking and writing scholarly articles in his field. He volunteers his time providing pro bono legal services. He enjoys playing boardgames, exploring new music, making playlists for friends, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, watching TV and movies, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Fun Fact
JJ used to be a sailing instructor and lifeguarding instructor during college.

About Craig

Job Description
Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of a Nonprofit Mental Health Clinic

Craig’s hobbies include art projects, enjoying movies and tv shows, a growing music collection, working out and spending time with friends and family.

Fun Fact
Craig enjoys creating art using different materials and methods, including steel welding, woodworking, and oil painting.

Our Lives

We live in a large, family-friendly apartment building in the Upper East Side in Manhattan. We’re fortunate to live in a home that has room to grow in. We live down the street from a large playground, a few blocks away from Central Park and can’t wait to visit both with our child. JJ works from home three days a week and Craig walks to work every day. Our evenings are spent together having dinner, playing board games, and watching movies. On weekends we like to relax, spend time in Central Park, exploring the city’s many museums and restaurants, and visiting with family and friends.

Our Family

We are both very close with our extended families and have a strong and loving support network of siblings, parents, aunts and uncles, and many cousins. JJ is very close with his family. His mom and aunt live in Pennsylvania, and his two older sisters, brother-in-law and niece and nephew live in Connecticut. Everyone speaks often and we all love to get together for holidays. Craig is also very close with his family. His dad, mom, brother and sister-in-law all live in Pennsylvania. Craig has a large extended family spread across the country. Everyone is excited to welcome a new baby into our family and take on the roles of loving grandparents, aunts, uncles and big cousins.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Our hope is to raise a child who will be proud of who they are and where they come from in every respect, as it makes them who they are. We look forward to providing our child with a supportive family and a loving and happy home.”

– JJ & Craig

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