Dan & Amy

Meet Daniel and Amy! They live in a quiet neighborhood in northern New Jersey with their dog, Shadow. They met in 2016 on a great first date in the heart of NYC. It didn’t take long to know how much they were meant for each other and they went on to get married in 2018. Shadow joined the family in 2017 as a rescue from a local shelter. They both enjoy traveling together to coastal towns and staying at bed and breakfasts. They have attended many concerts together and collect the vinyl records of all of their favorite bands. Daniel and Amy cannot wait to become parents and share their love with a child. Both of their families are so excited for Daniel and Amy to welcome a baby into their lives!

About Dan

Job Description
Lead Programmer

Playing Classic Video Games, Collecting Vintage Computer Hardware, Playing “Magic: The Gathering” and board games, Listening to a Wide Variety of Music, Portrait Photography

Fun Fact
Daniel has seen his favorite Japanese rock band in concert four times. He also can build a computer from scratch!

About Amy

Job Description
IT Support-Person at an Internet Marketing Company

Gardening, Dancing, Horseback riding, Collecting Postcards, Decorating for the Holidays, Baking, Playing with the Family’s Dog, Shadow

Fun Fact
Amy likes to dress up as anime characters at cosplay conventions. She also had a pet duck growing up in her Bronx apartment!

Our Lives

Daniel and Amy are lucky to work at the same company, and they are grateful to be able to work part-time from home and part-time in the office. During the week and on weekends they cook dinner together, experimenting with new recipes and cooking techniques. They have kept a shared tradition from their childhoods and order pizza every Friday. On the weekends they catch up with family and friends. Daniel’s best friend just had a baby boy so it will be a joy for their children to grow up side-by-side. Daniel enjoys photography so their future baby will naturally have many photos taken of their own adventures and milestones throughout their life. During the summer Daniel and Amy enjoy visiting towns along the New England coast. It will be something their future baby will be a part of. Amy loves the beach and always brings home various seashells and postcards from these trips as mementos, while Daniel takes all of the photos to add to their scrapbook. They cannot wait to begin creating new memories with their child.

Our Family

Daniel and Amy’s families live close by, so they are able to celebrate all of the holidays together. Every year the family gets together at Daniel’s parents’ house to decorate the Christmas Tree about a week before Christmas. There are some ornaments for the tree that are almost 60 years old! They enjoy getting together for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, New Years, and summer barbecues at Amy’s uncle’s house in Queens. Amy is half Puerto Rican and half Chinese. Amy and Daniel’s three nieces are excited to finally have a baby cousin one day!

Final Thoughts

We want to thank you for taking the time to read through our profile. We look forward to welcoming a child into our lives and providing them with an atmosphere of love, kindness, joy, and laughter. They will grow up in an environment that promotes confidence and compassion and will be surrounded by a supportive network of family and friends who are all excited to meet them. Everyone in our family is excited for this adventure, and we look forward to being matched with birth parents who shares our values and believe in us as parents.

– Amy & Dan

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