Dawanna & Raymond

We’re Dawanna and Raymond! Adoption is a natural extension of our giving hearts. Raymond spends time on medical missions providing free operations and care to people in need around the world when he is not being a surgeon at his hospital. Dawanna is a member of community and non-profit organizations that support those in need. What we realized was there are many different paths to being a family! We feel so blessed to have realized our professional dreams, which allows us to give to others, and to know that we are secure and ready to welcome a baby into our life.

Although we know the adoption process may not always be easy, we feel in our hearts that there is a gift in this for all of us. We promise you that we want to go on this journey with you, with our shared love for your child as what keeps us moving forward. We also promise to love your child unconditionally. He or she will be given every opportunity to learn and grow as they follow their dreams. And we will be there every step of the way supporting them through all of life’s highs and lows and helping them every step of the way.

While we will both be very active and involved in this child’s life, we thought you might want to know that Dawanna works from home and will be able to spend extra bonding time together. Her village of girlfriend mommies will be a source of endless playdates. There will be lots of opportunities to travel and learn together. Our family will also be very involved. Everyone is so supportive and excited to welcome a baby into our lives!

About Dawanna

Job Description

Running, Cooking, Traveling

Fun Fact
I enjoy running in the rain! It’s soothing and makes me feel like a kid!

About Raymond

Job Description

Hiking, Listening to music, Attending soccer games

Fun Fact
He has hiked the mountains of Kilimanjaro and Everest, and traveled to every continent, except Antarctica. That’s still on his list.

Our Lives

We live in a beautiful building with great neighbors and it is very secure. Our home has calming views of Central Park. We enjoy jogging and we like to get out of the gym when the weather is nice and run in one of the parks. Our friends and family consistently visit and we will spend time cooking, curling up on the living room sofas, and enjoying the view while the kids play together.

Dawanna collects modern art and Raymond brings home keepsakes from travels around the world. Dawanna finds herself hanging out with her Grandma or binge-watching with friends the latest streaming show. Raymond takes his mom to dinner every weekend and loves to play reggae, pop, or other music while dancing as if nobody’s watching around the house. We also both love to read (Dawanna loves biographies and Raymond prefers fiction and in-depth articles). We love to laugh and live with joy.

Our Family

Dawanna’s father, stepmother, 3 sisters, and brother spend a lot of time together. Sadly, Dawanna’s mother passed away and it goes without saying that she misses her terribly but is thankful that her grandmother is still healthy and strong. They are very close. Her family comes to NYC often and she visits home for the holidays. Dawanna’s family is huge. Her mother was 1 of 6, her dad is 1 of 10 and her maternal grandmother is 1 of 14. She has 27 aunts and uncles and a whole lot of cousins. Raymond has a much smaller family. Ray and his mother are very close. She lives nearby in Westchester County. His father passed away a few years ago. Ray’s mother would be delighted to be a grandmother.

Final Thoughts

“Words cannot express our gratitude to you for considering us. We are truly humbled. Your trust in us will stay with us all the days of our lives. We promise to give your child a wonderful life while respecting you every step of the way.”

– Dawanna & Raymond

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].