Hi, I’m Jen! I’m a dedicated Bronx Bombers (New York Yankees) fan, and after living in the city for nearly two decades, I consider myself an honorary New Yorker. After all this time, my love for NYC is as strong as ever. It’s hard to imagine living anywhere else. The only other place I have considered living is in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m an avid traveler and have had amazing experiences traveling domestically and abroad. I have been to 37 countries on all 7 continents; including Antarctica, by way of Patagonia. My wanderlust has not faded over the years. If anything the urge to see the world has intensified in the past couple of years. I can’t wait to travel alongside my child and see the world through their eyes. I always thought I would be a mother someday. I just assumed that it would happen when the time was right. I tried in my mid-twenties to have a baby with my at-the time partner but it didn’t happen. In the meantime, I moved from Alabama to Tennessee to New York; went to graduate school twice; worked overseas for two years; and, was married for a while. For several years, starting in my thirties, I attempted unsuccessfully to have a child through reproductive assistance. Becoming a mother has been a dream of mine for a long time and I’m so excited to grow my family through adoption.

About Jennifer

Job Description
Psychiatric NP and Psychotherapist

Yoga/Meditation, Swimming, Rollerskating, Drawing, and Painting

Fun Fact
At the onset of the pandemic, I bought a pair of roller skates and started skating in my free time. I can’t wait until this spring when the skate circle reopens and Central Park Dance Skaters Association returns.

My Life

I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with “Iggy Pup” the goldendoodle. Our daily routine begins with a walk in Central Park. I’m self-employed, work from home M-F, 9am to 2pm. One day per week I teach at Columbia University. In the evening, we usually go for another walk in the park to wind down. On the weekend, I may catch a Broadway show or exhibition at one of the many museums in the neighborhood. Some weekends, I deliberately won’t make plans. It’s not always necessary to rush around and have something scheduled. The arts are an important part of my life that I plan to share with a child. Last summer, my Fresh Air ‘niece’ and I both really enjoyed going to Shakespeare in the Park. I was a studio art major as an undergraduate. I believe that creative expression is innate, and given an opportunity, that children will create masterpieces. I look forward to sharing my love of art with my child.

My Family

My family is spread out across the U.S., concentrated mostly in Alabama. Even though we’re far apart, we have regular contact. We don’t speak every day, but when we do talk, we pick up wherever we left off. The youngest in my family is a 6-months-old nephew, and my oldest nephew is 29-years-old. We’re a close-knit expanding family. We’ll spend summers and holidays with our family on the Gulf Coast. Mardi Gras is an important part of the culture where I come from. It is a time for family and friends to come together to enjoy good food, good company, and good times. I want to share this experience with a child. I know how difficult it can be to be a single parent. Co-parenting, whenever possible, might be preferred in some families, but my sisters and I were very successfully raised by a single parent – an indomitable force: my mother. She modeled valuable life lessons of resilience, independence, confidence, and kindness. I am proud to have been raised by an amazing single mom and I’m looking forward to being a single mother by choice.

Final Thoughts

“If you have found yourself here, you’re facing one of the hardest decisions of your lifetime. No one will ever fill your shoes, Birth Mother, but if you choose me to parent your child, I will do everything in my power to protect, love, nurture, teach, and guide them. Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile.”


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