Lara & Kip

Hi, we’re Kip and Lara. We’re two NYC enthusiasts who love to go jogging, cook healthy meals, and chill with our cat, Clara. Lara is originally from southern California and has lived up and down the west coast as well as Japan and Israel. Kip grew up in New Jersey and has lived all over the country before making it back East. We both moved to NYC around the same time in 2013 and finally met on New Year’s Eve 2015. We’ve been together ever since and in 2021 we took the plunge and got married after a fateful proposal on our living room couch. We now share a comfy home together in a diverse and vibrant Queens neighborhood, where we plan to stay for many years to come. We’re thrilled to grow our family through adoption, and share our love for the natural world, art, health and fitness with our child.

About Lara

Job Description
Product Manager at tech company

Yoga, learning to code, reading

Fun Fact
Lara is fluent in Japanese and studied abroad there for a year!

About Kip

Job Description
Civil Servant

Running, gardening, cooking, sewing, crafts

Fun Fact
Kip loves the outdoors and spent a month in the backcountry of Sequoia National Park!

Our Life

During the week, we value sticking to a routine so we can prioritize what’s most important to our health and happiness. Kip starts the day by going for a run or workout before heading to work at a City Agency, where he’s lucky to be able to manage projects throughout all the five boroughs. Lara has a hybrid schedule at a tech company, where she either goes into the office or works from home a few days per week. We reunite at the end of the day to go for a run or unwind in our backyard where we tend to our square-foot vegetable garden, flowers and shrubs. We love to cook healthy, fresh meals at home almost every day, but enjoy the occasional treat out. We usually finish each day by practicing yoga together at home, doing a logic puzzle or crossword, and reading in bed. We love to travel and try to take one longer international trip each year, as well as shorter trips exploring the natural areas of upstate New York. On the weekends we take advantage of having the city as our backyard, and love to take in the beach and boardwalk at Coney Island, run 5k races together, go museum hopping, check out the occasional Broadway or comedy show or just relax at home and play board games, read or pursue our hobbies of cross stitching and upcycling thrifted clothes. We can’t wait to share all these enriching activities with our child in such a special and diverse corner of the world.

Our Family

Both of our immediate families are small and most of our extended family live outside New York, so we’re looking forward to growing our own family through adoption. Many of Lara’s family and friends live in LA, so we usually visit once a year. We also spend Passover with her cousins in New Jersey. Lara’s also very close and speaks often with her aunt who lives in North Carolina. Kip’s mom lives in Ithaca, NY, and we visit each other two or three times a year. Most of Kip’s extended family on his mom’s side live in West Virginia so we all try to meet for a big family reunion once a year. Kip’s dad and stepmom live in eastern Pennsylvania along with all of Kip’s aunts, uncles and cousins on his dad’s side of the family. Kip shares a birthday with his dad in May, so we always visit at that time and visit the rest of his extended family around the holidays. In our neighborhood in NYC we have a small but close group of friends who are also parents and we know we can count on for guidance and support.

Final Thoughts

“We are grateful for your time in getting to know our family and we hope to have the opportunity to learn more about you. We know this is a huge decision and we admire your strength. We’re first-time parents and while we don’t know everything, we are excited to learn and we know that we will create a loving, secure and supportive home for our child.”

Lara and Kip

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