Matt & Theo

We are both born and raised on Long Island, New York. After living together for a few years in Manhattan, we both longed for more space and a home to build our family together. We moved to our dream home, right on the great south bay! We are currently only about 1 mile from Matt’s parents, and less than 3 miles from his 3 brothers, his aunt, and multiple cousins. Matt’s mom likes to call Massapequa “the compound” since so much of his family is here. Meanwhile, Theo’s mother and brother are only about 10 miles away in the town of Plainview. Everyone is very close, and so we are able to see one another regularly. Both of us want to share our love and family with a special child, and to have a family unit of our own. We can’t wait to build our unit together!

About Matt

Job Description
Sr. Director of Merchandising at Calvin Klein

Going to the beach, long walks in new places, traveling, building miniature shadowboxes for family and friends!

Fun Fact
Building miniature shadowboxes is a side hustle that we take to comic book conventions to sell!

About Theo

Job Description
Vice President of Business Development at a consulting firm

Going to the beach, long walks (also in new places) traveling, photography- capturing special moments with family and friends.

Fun Fact
We live on the great south bay and take full advantage! We kayak, swim, catch clams and crabs to eat, and love to float in the natural waters right in our backyard!

Our Lives

We are a very loving, optimistic, and happy couple that enjoy spending time in our community and with our family and friends. We travel to the beach and local parks year-round for light exercise and catching up with family and friends. We have weekly Sunday dinners with Matt’s entire family (including nieces and nephews), followed by planning for the week. During the warmer months, we are outside in our yard as much as possible, enjoying the weather. We try to catch every sunset in our yard!

Our Family

Matt’s parents, three brothers, two nieces and two nephews are all a part of our lives and live less than a mile away. We are in one another’s lives, and we love to have the entire family over for holidays and gatherings. We also love to do activities together, like ice skating, going to the beach, going on annual family vacations (the beach, the country, and Disney World!), and supporting our nieces and nephews in their pursuits (attending sports games, musical concerts, school projects). Our closeness makes us special. While we do plan to have a nanny and daycare, we also anticipate counting on our family for additional care and support. Our child will be surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, and their grandparents every day. We also have a close-knit group of friends with children that will be aunts, uncles, and cousins to our children. These are friends that Matt has had for over 20 years and have become family to us. We visit with one another in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Rye NY, and Texas!

Final Thoughts

We are a happy, healthy, loving couple that are looking to expand our big, loud family and bring a child into our home. We can’t wait to share our lives with our son or daughter!

-Matt & Theo

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].