Melody & Jason

We’re Melody and Jason and we’re thrilled to be on this adoption journey! We met through friends 20 years ago and have been together ever since. We both originally hail from New England (Massachusetts and Connecticut, respectively), but have lived in New York City for nearly two decades and got married here six years ago. We recently bought our first home together and now live on the Upper East Side, a 10-minute walk from Central Park, where we spend many hours exploring on the weekends. We have a large and diverse group of friends, both in the city and across the globe, and love spending time with them. We’re also very close with our families, in particular our niece and three nephews. We’re both curious people who love to try and see new things — from restaurants to museums to travel. We are excited to share our vibrant and active life with a child and see the world through their eyes and interests.

About Melody

Job Description
Co-founder of a public relations agency that works with clients in the sustainability and impact spaces

Travel, exercise, walks in Central Park, reading, volunteer work, going to the theatre, visiting museums

Fun Fact
“I was an award-winning baton twirler as a child!”

About Jason

Job Description
Head of business development at a private equity firm

Running, photography, finding the best ice cream shops wherever I travel

Fun Fact
I’ve run the New York City marathon three times, but am officially in retirement now.”

Our Life

We enjoy a full life full of friends, family, and travel. Our favorite moments are discovering new things together, whether it’s a restaurant, bookstore or entirely new place. We are both avid learners and curious people who are always up for an adventure. An ideal weekend morning with our future child would include breakfast at our favorite neighborhood diner EJ’s Luncheonette, followed by a walk in Central Park or a trip to the playground on 68th Street. If it’s summertime, a hot day wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of our local ice cream shops — Ralph’s, Anita’s Gelato or 16 Handles.

Our Family

Our families both reside nearby in Connecticut and Massachusetts and we are very close with them. Jason’s parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew (six and three years old) live 40 minutes from the city so we get to spend a lot of time with them. Melody’s sister, brother-in-law and two nephews (6 years and 8 months) live in Massachusetts, as well as Melody’s mom. Her brother, who is a musician and occasionally performs in New York City, lives in Hartford. We’ve cherished being “Auntie Mel” or “Manna” (the name Melody’s niece bestowed upon her before she could say her real name) and Uncle Jason to the four little ones. Melody has a daily text group with her siblings and tries to see them as much as possible. We also have many wonderful friends who we consider our chosen family. Melody is the godmother for one of her dear friend’s eldest sons, who is now 8 years old. We feel very privileged to have such a robust support system who will be so excited to be a part of the life of our future child.

Final Thoughts

Adoption has been something we’ve been thinking about for a very long time and we’re so happy to finally be pursuing it. We would be honored to be chosen by you and will navigate this journey together.

-Melody & Jason

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