Paul & Ben

Welcome to our story! In 2010, Ben was traveling to the Berkshires to see a production of Sweeney Todd, where he caught the attention of a standout performer in the show: Paul. Through the introduction of a mutual friend, the two began chatting on AIM (remember AIM?) and discovered a host of shared interests, and quickly developed a strong connection.

Shortly thereafter Ben & Paul began their relationship, and twelve years later they are happily married, living in the same neighborhood in Astoria where they fell in love over a decade ago. They are enthusiastic dog-parents and active members of their community. They can frequently be found walking through Astoria Park, dining at local restaurants, and enjoying the neighborhood’s small businesses and cultural activities. When they are not singing around the house, they are probably hosting their friends for a get-together, movie night, or one of Ben’s famous brunches. Ben & Paul have always wanted to become parents and have envisioned growing their family through adoption for a long time.

“As a gay couple, we know that family isn’t always about biology, and we are very excited for the day when we can welcome a child in our lives, family, and community!”

About Paul

Job Description
Preschool Director

Playing Music, Art, Painting, Drawing, Roller Skating, Dog Walks, Enjoying the Outdoors.

Fun Fact
Paul loves discovering new hobbies. From drawing and creating comics, to roller skating, and collecting Star Wars memorabilia, He loves finding new interests and seeing where they might take him.

About Ben

Job Description
Theatre Agent

Baking, Hiking, Swimming, Traveling & Enjoying the Outdoors, Dog Walks.

Fun Fact
Ben is very passionate about his life in the theatre, but his real happy place is baking pies and cakes in the kitchen.

Our Lives

We try to balance being social and adventurous, with staying home and relaxing. We both have jobs that keep us active – Ben is often bouncing around Manhattan seeing Broadway and Off Broadway shows, and Paul runs a childcare center & preschool on the bustling Upper West Side. We love to enjoy the artistic, culinary, educational, and cultural events that New York City has to offer, but we are also deeply content listening to records at home and snuggling on the couch with our dog, Marcy. We love Astoria and take advantage of all the neighborhood has to offer. We are very connected to our friends in NYC and our family in New Jersey, and we try to see them all regularly. We love taking road trips to countryside locations on the northeast and often end the summer in Maine swimming and kayaking on Lake Damariscotta, reading, and eating…a lot of lobster.

Our Family

Ben grew up in New Jersey and is the youngest of five siblings from a blended family (both his parents having children from previous marriages before he arrived on the scene), and Paul is an only child with a very close relationship to his parents despite them living farther away in Florida. We are tight-knit bunch, and we make efforts to stay connected, take vacations, and spend holidays together. We often combine our families for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, and we typically build in some other trips with each other throughout the year. We also have a robust group of friends in NYC and sprinkled around the US; many of them are having children these days and so our network of little ones is rapidly expanding to everyone’s delight. And our family would not be complete without our wonderful dog, Marcy, with whom we enjoy many adventures.

Final Thoughts

“Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. Family and community is very important to us, and we are excited to grow our own family, and take this journey toward becoming parents with openness and love. We understand what an enormous and challenging decision this is, and we so appreciate you considering the two of us.”

– Paul & Ben

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].