Vijay & Saheli

We are Saheli and Vijay! We met each other in 2013 through a mutual friend. Our first date included rock climbing, ping pong, and pottery making. Our relationship quickly grew as realized how much in common we had and we complement each other in the best ways. We both share a passion for helping our communities. We support each other’s aspirations and take the time to enjoy life together. We continue to fill our lives with endless activities: board games, hiking, tennis, dancing, and crossword puzzles! We equally enjoy creating memories with our families and friends. Our happiness is at its fullest when surrounded by our loved ones. We have been considering adoption for many years and look forward to showering our child with love and compassion. We can’t wait to create new memories and embark on new adventures with our child!

About Saheli

Job Description
Forensic Social Worker

Reading, Board Games, Tennis, Singing, Crossword Puzzles

Fun Fact
I’m an adventurer! I have gone bungee jumping, ice climbing, and sky diving!

About Vijay

Job Description
Surgeon and Director of Gynecology in a New York-Based Hospital

Tennis, Board Games, Ping Pong, Biking, Dancing, Filming

Fun Fact
If I were not a surgeon, I would have become a film director. I love making videos and film editing!

Our Life

When we are not working at our daytime jobs, we are lost in our endless hobbies. A typical weekend could include any combination of brunch with friends, hiking, a board game marathon, Escape the Room events, suspense thriller movies, rock climbing, tennis, and constantly competing with each other! Vijay drinks bottomless chai tea lattes and Saheli has an endless supply of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

We have weekly dinners with Saheli’s family in New York and travel across the country every few months to visit Vijay’s family in Atlanta and San Francisco. A typical vacation tends to be an adventurous and relaxing week away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Popular destinations include Galapagos, Costa Rica, Mexico, and India! We look forward to getting more stamps in our passports! Our lives as parents will mean surrounding our child with love from friends and families. We look forward to the little everyday adventures with our child and also taking big world travel adventures together as a family of three!

Our Family

We are fortunate to have a loving family that supports us in our dream to adopt a child. Saheli’s parents live in NYC and are a quick 10-minute commute from us. Her brother lives on the West Coast and frequents NYC often. Vijay’s parents live in Atlanta, and we see them every 2-3 months. Vijay has 3 sisters and a nephew and niece who we are close with. They all live in San Francisco and Atlanta. We have several extended family members in New York who are important in our lives.

Saheli’s parents host a weekly family dinner that is filled with laughter, storytelling, and games! We cherish our weekly dinners. During major holidays, we visit Vijay’s family in San Francisco or Atlanta. These holiday visits are filled with food, warmth, and adventure! We look forward to our child being part of these traditions.

Final Thoughts

“We know this is an emotional process for the birth family and acknowledge the toll it may take. We hope they find comfort in knowing that we are deeply committed to raising our child with love and compassion. We consider it a privilege to start a family and thank you tremendously for helping us make it a reality. Thank you!”

Saheli & Vijay

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].