Andrew & David

Hello! We are Andrew and David, and we are so excited to become parents and expand our family. We met in 2006 as sophomores at Harvard University, and we moved to New York City together after graduation. Since then, the city has become an important part of our lives – we have both worked for the city government, we were married in Queens in 2012, and we love exploring the city on weekends. We look forward to raising a child in Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is a diverse community with lots of families, parks, and great schools. When we are not in New York City, we are exploring elsewhere. We love to travel, and we have been lucky to visit many countries together, building our relationship and learning about the world. We are so excited to bring a baby into our lives.

About David

Job Description
Arts Consultant, and also a practicing visual artist

Visiting art museums, reading, hiking, and food! – both cooking at home with Andrew and trying new cuisines at restaurants around the city.

Fun Fact
Growing up, I loved stuffed animals, so a few years ago I got a sewing machine and started designing my own. I’ve now made stuffed animals for all of my friends’ babies.

About Andrew

Job Description
Affordable Housing Director

Exploring New York City, cooking with David, reading, playing tennis

Fun Fact
Having grown up in Boston, Andrew will eat ice cream in any weather, even the coldest days in winter.

Our Lives

We live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a few blocks from two of our favorite places: Prospect Park and the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. We both commute to Manhattan for our jobs, and on the weekends we often see friends and family. David spends time making art, and every now and again he shows his work in galleries. Andrew reads the newspaper every day, and is very engaged in local and national politics. But most of all, we spend time together – we love exploring different neighborhoods, cooking together, and enjoying quiet times relaxing in our backyard. We can’t wait to have a little adventure buddy to join us!

Our Family

Our family is incredibly important to us. We are lucky that David’s mom and two brothers live in New York City, so we see them often. We also have a wonderful community of friends in our neighborhood and around the city, many of whom have small children of their own and are delighted about our adoption dreams. We also have many important people in our lives up in Boston, including Andrew’s parents, siblings, our niece and nephew, and our godson, so we spend several weekends there each year. We feel blessed to have so many special people in our lives to laugh with, join us on adventures, and come together in tough times. 

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled at the prospect of expanding our family and welcoming a child into our home. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us and considering us in your adoption plan!

– Andrew & David

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