Allison & Courtney

We’re Allison and Courtney! We believe it is every person’s purpose in life to give and receive love. We also have a strong belief that family comes in many forms and can be found in different ways. These are two of the many reasons we are excited to expand our family through adoption! We met in church 8 years ago and were friends for 3 years after that. We’ve been in a committed relationship for the last 5 years and were recently married in 2024! Allison is a special education teacher and Courtney works in administration for a school district and coaches basketball across several age groups. After many years of working with and loving children, we can’t wait to welcome some into our family!

About Allison

Job Description
Middle School Special Education Teacher


  • Watching sports
  • Reading
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Walking our dog

Fun Fact
Allison plays guitar and piano and enjoys singing. She has played in several music groups over the years and still loves playing music with her family when they all get together.

About Courtney

Job Description
School Administrator / Basketball Coach


  • Reading/learning
  • Working out
  • Traveling

Fun Fact
Courtney has traveled to South Africa, India, France, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and The Bahamas. She has also taken a solo trip to Aruba and spent a month living in Turkey.

Our Lives

We like to consider ourselves curious and fun-loving! On weekends, you’ll find us taking long walks on the trail by our house, trying out a new coffee shop or restaurant, and spending time with friends and family. We also love attending live sporting events. Our house is a close walk to the beach, and in the spring and summer we love to spend time outside either sitting in the sand or hanging out in our backyard. We also enjoy exploring the city and consider our proximity to NYC to be the best of both worlds. Our dog, Henri, and our cats, Oliver and Serena, love people and will make great siblings for our future children!

Our Family

Courtney’s immediate family lives in/around Bayonne, NJ and they are a big part of our support system. She is one of five siblings, and she has nieces and nephews ranging from one-year old to 17-years old. There is no shortage of laughs and activities when we all get together! Allison’s immediate family lives in Pennsylvania, but the distance doesn’t stop us from visiting with them often and enjoying a close relationship. Allison’s brother has a one-year-old daughter and another baby on the way. We also have a close-knit community of chosen family who all lives within a five-minute drive from home. Several of them are in the process of growing their families through fostering and adopting, and we look forward to raising our children together surrounded by love! While this will be our first time adopting, we are already hoping to adopt again and would love for our child to have one or two other siblings.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration! We are deeply honored, blessed, and grateful.

Allison & Courtney

To learn more about this Waiting Family or the adoption planning process, call us at 800-321-5683 or email us at [email protected].