We’re a loving family of two and live in a high rise in Chelsea with our cat, Oona and our dog, Pip. My daughter Matilda is 13 years old and in 8th grade and goes to middle school just blocks from our home. She has grown up in the neighborhood and has lots of friends who live close by. She keeps busy with lots of after school activities like softball, volleyball and dance. We try to eat dinner together as a family every night and spend weekends outdoors as much as possible. We have a weekend house in The Catskills, so we spend some weekends up there skiing, hiking and exploring and try to spend summer weekends and holidays at the beach. Before COVID, we spent a few weeks every summer in the UK visiting friends and relatives and hope to resume those trips once it’s safe to travel again.

About Liz

Job Description
Marketing Professional

Playing tennis, horseback riding, music, and travel.

Fun Fact
We’ve been on TV recently! Liz got cast to take part in a Super Bowl commercial for Bud Light.

About Matilda

Job Description
8th Grader

Dance, softball, volleyball, art, ice skating, music, and travel

Fun Fact
Matilda was part of the studio audience on stage at the TV anniversary show of the Broadway show, Wicked.

Our Lives

Our family always comes first, and we try to carve out time to be together and be present with each other regardless of all that we have going on. During the work week, I get Matilda ready for school, walk the dog, help with homework, and make a point to have dinner together. On weekends, we come up with family activities like going to the movies or ice skating or softball—if it’s the softball season.

We both love going shopping at flea markets. Because so much of our lives is about school and work and Matilda’s afterschool activities, I try to keep our family time together lose and unstructured which is often taking walks, playing games or watching movies together. It is important for me to continue to create a home where my kids feel safe, relaxed and a place where they can be their best selves.

Our Family

We’re a tiny tight unit but we’ve grown our family by meeting other families through school, our neighborhood, and Matilda’s after school activities. Matilda has lived in the same building all her life and the idea of community is extremely important to us. Matilda has many friends she has known since Pre-K or from the playground. I have friends that are more like aunties or godparents.

Many of our friends also have houses upstate so we’ve carved out a supportive community in the Catskills. My siblings live in different cities, but post pandemic I am making an extra effort for Matilda to know her older cousins. Matilda is an only grandchild. Her father’s parents live close by on Long Island. Matilda spends a lot of time with them.

Final Thoughts

“We are looking forward to meeting you and your family, hearing your stories, and learning all about you. We want to welcome you all into our family!”

-Liz and Matilda

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